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There are two certainties in life, death and taxes!

There is not much we can do about the former, but we can provide excellent advice about the latter.

Companies and individuals are subject to a wide range of tax including:

– Income Tax
– Corporation Tax
– Capital Gains Tax
– Stamp Duty
– Inheritance Tax /CAT

Planning in advance of an event is key to minimising an entities tax exposure, and maximising the available tax relief.

Revenue Audits/arrears cases

We have extensive experience in dealing with Revenue Audits and arranging instalment agreements with the Revenue where arrears of taxes have built up. Revenue Audits can be a stressful experience for business owners and prove an unwanted interruption.

We can provide advice to clients facing Revenue Audits, and can carry out pre audit reviews and liaise with the Revenue Commissioners on behalf of clients. If appropriate, we can prepare Voluntary Disclosure letters in order to minimise penalties and prevent publication.

Changing Accountant

Your Accountant plays a vital role in advising you and your business. Like any other service, the service of any Accountant can vary enormously and there will be occasions when a business owner will have to consider whether a change of Accountant might be in the best interest of themselves and their business.

Starting your own business

It is essential to get the right advice in advance of setting up a new business. If mistakes are made, it can be difficult, or sometimes impossible to rectify these later.

Licensed Trade

Quantus Advisory are specialists in the Licensed Trade and have been providing advice to the trade for over thirty years.

Audit & Accountancy

We are registered with the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants in Ireland to carry out Audits of Companies.


All business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that they keep proper books and records.

Company Secretarial

Compliance with Company Law legislation is becoming increasingly onerous, and it is an area that company directors rely heavily on their advisors to ensure that they remain compliant.


Employment Law and payroll services have become increasingly difficult, and calculation of payroll deductions is becoming increasingly complex.


There is not much we can do about the former, but we can provide excellent advice about the latter.

Wealth Management & Retirement Planning

It is quite true that “money makes money” and once the hard work of initially generating a profit has been done, many clients seek our opinion on how and where they can invest their profits.

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